If You or One Of Your Family Get Sick, Will You Be In?

C - Cash Not Enough?

R - Run To Relatives or Friends?

I - Incur Debt?

S - Sell Properties or Valuables?

I - Ignored?

S - Suffer?


Have You Asked Yourself These Questions?

  • Is your family financially prepared if you get sick unexpectedly?
  • Is your family prepared to take the financial burden of paying for your hospital bills and medications if you get sick and hospitalized?
  • Is your family ready to provide for your needs while you are sick and in the hospital?

Watch How Caritas Helped Their Lives

Why You Should Have Caritas Health Shield Plan Today

With Caritas, If You Or Your Family Gets Sick

C - Charge to Plan

A - Assured

R - Resources are intact

- Insured

T - Treated

A - At Peace

S - Sufficiently Provided


" The greatest wealth is health..."

Want to know how much you can get covered:

  • Free Consultation
  • Dental Care
  • Hospitalization
  • Annual Check Up

We can meet over coffee and talk about:

  • How HMO Works
  • How To Get a Health Plan
  • Why Choose Caritas
  • What Health Plan Fits Youn T