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Hi! Thank you for taking a look at my website and what it can offer you when it comes to financial planning, learning more about the importance of life insurance and taking actions to prepare and plan for you and your family’s future.

My name is Lourdes Galang and I am the owner of this website. I am a licensed financial advisor with Manulife. I am also wife, a mother to three kids, a blogger, network marketer, internet marketer, business enthusiast. I am also a Life Coach & Marketing Consultant at where I teach, coach and train people who are in the network marketing business and for those who wants to learn about internet marketing and social media.

I decided to become a financial advisor because I really wanted to learn how to be one and teach myself how to be good in handling my personal finances and our family’s finances. I wanted to be a good steward of the blessings that God gives us and I wanted to make use of His blessings to be shared to other people.

But for some of you who has failed or is still a failure with your finances, I am just like you.

I have failed so many times in being a good steward of God’s blessing to us. I have failed to handle our finances properly. I have failed to prepare and plan for our family’s future while me and my husband were really earning well when we were both OFW’s in London. I have failed to consider taking Life Insurance plans while I was still young. And I failed from saving and investing a larger portion of our income instead of spending it. I failed to avoid credit cards and not get into huge debts. I failed miserably from having a smarter way of financial planning because I didn’t know how.

That’s why I want to share all the things that I have learned and have been learning in my journey as a Financial Advisor so that the people who will come across my website will be able to avoid doing the same mistakes that I have done when it comes to handling finances.

I want you reading this right now to be equipped with smarter choices, smarter decisions to be smart and plan right for your financial goals to a smarter financial planning.

To God Be The Glory!