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The Most Known Life Insurance Companies In The Philippines

Most of the time, fort those who are starting to learn more about life insurance, they would usually look for the most known life insurance companies because they know that these are the companies that can be trusted if they decide to get a life insurance. Just like with other brands for clothes, shoes or any stuff that you plan to purchase, you do a research which are the most known brands and what people has to say about these brands

Death Is Like A Thief In The Night!

  If you were to compare death into something, what would it be? Death is like a thief in the night! How can you protect yourself from this thief from stealing the joy and peace in your family if death takes you away from them? Life insurance is your best guarantee that your family will have hope during times of their despair losing you unexpectedly. That’s because we never really know when death will come to us because it is a thief in the night. Learn

What Happens When The Breadwinner Of A Family Dies?

  So what happens when a breadwinner of a family dies? Naexperience mona bang manakawan? Nakakabigla di ba? At the same time nakakalungkot kasi may nawala sa iyo na hindi mo inaasahan. Ganun din naman ang Death. Biglaan. Yung hindi mo expected tapos yung pinakamamahal mo pa ang nawawala sa iyo. Pero hindi lang naman iyon ang mawawala lalo na kung provider siya ng family niyo. Pati income niya mawawala. Think about how you can protect your family from any financial sufferings that you might have to go through if your breadwinner dies suddenly. It’s

How To Save 1 Million Pesos? Stairs (Investments) or Elevator (Life Insurance)?

  How to save 1 Million Pesos? Do you know the Stairs (Investments) or Elevator (Life Insurance) concept? If you have a goal of saving or earning P1,000,000 capital, how do you plan to achieve this if you were to choose between using stairs (investments) or elevator (life insurance)? Watch this video and learn the concept of using stairs and elevator in achieving your goal: What are you going to use in achieving your goal of saving P1,000,000 capital? Will it be the stairs or the elevator? Will

Are You Saving To Invest Or Investing To Save?

  Is there a difference from saving to invest or investing to save? Apparently there is. And it would be helpful for you to learn their difference because it greatly affects the way you plan your finances. Watch this video and see if you are saving to invest or investing to save: So which one are you? Are you saving to invest or investing to save? Do you want both? Save and invest at the same time. Learn here how you can save and invest at the same

How Does A VUL Insurance Works?

  So how does a VUL insurance works? You are interested to get a VUL insurance but still confuse on how it really works? How do you get a life insurance and an investment at the same time in one insurance plan like VUL? Watch this video and learn how a VUL insurance works: Now that you know how a VUL insurance works, it’s time that you start investing today for your future that you can use for retirement, education for your kids or a

How Can A VUL Insurance Help You?

Have you been wondering how a VUL insurance can help you? Can it really help you prepare for retirement? Can it really help you plan the education fund of your kids? Or can it give you a great return on savings and investments? Watch this video and learn how a VUL insurance can help you in so many ways: Now that you have learned the many ways how a VUL insurance can help you, it’s just a matter of making the right choice of getting

Why Do You Gamble Your Life Each Day Without Life Insurance?

You always say that you love your family and you would be willing to die for them just to protect them from any harm. But what if you’re gone? Who would protect them from any financial loss if you, as the provider of the family is no longer around to protect them? Will your best friend willingly take your place in providing for your family? Can your brothers or sisters take additional responsibility of taking care of the needs of your family? If you can’t

Four Financial Disasters That Can Strike Your Family

Do you know the four financial disasters that can strike your family? Is it getting sick for a long time without any health insurance to pay for your hospital bills? Getting disabled and not being able to work? Or maybe sudden death without your family expecting it at all? Or getting old without any retirement plan in place? Watch this video and learn what are the four financial disasters that can strike your family: Now that you’ve learned the four financial disasters that can strike your

Kung Breadwinner Ka, You Need To Protect Your Income!

Paano na sila? This is the question most breadwinners have in their minds whenever they think of the possible consequences of what might happen to their family if they get sick or disabled and unable to work or worst, if they die unexpectedly. Ilang beses ka na ba nakapanood ng mga movies or even teleseryes with such stories of parents dying early and the kids are forced to work in order to survive? Or sometimes, either one spouse is left forced to work